Saturday, January 28, 2012

WTB Bronson Tire Review

Now that my Giant Trance is back together (It had an accident involving pavement and a speed of 70mph) I have added a few new parts to it to review. I changed the drive train to a 2x10 Shimano XTR set up, added a Giant dropper post, much wider Easton Havoc bars, an XTR shadow+ rear derailleur, and of course the WTB Bronson tires. I will review all these products at some point but today it is my initial impression of the tires.

I am very impressed with the traction these tires provide. However, to be fair, I want to point out that traction in the S. Foothills of Albuquerque right now is awesome- so take that as you will. I am running the 2.3 size TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) which measures just over 2.3 across the nobs but closer to 2.2 for the casing. They don't feel as heavy as the  810gms that the WTB website says they are, and I will pull one of and weigh it soon. They feel pretty fast for a tire that obviously errs towards grip over efficiency, and I can think of tires that feel heavier and slower that weigh the same or less (Schwalbe Fat Albert UST for instance). A friend of mine rode a pair of these and loved them but he did put an unrepairable hole in one in under a month. The casing does feel a bit thinner than I like for tubeless running but only time will tell, and my friend can break anything so...

The first two pics below are of the tire with the final one being of some awesome mountain biking in Switzerland that I had a chance to do a few years ago.

Charlie S.


  1. My brother who lives in Nor Cal is running these tires and loves them but he also got a unrepairable hole in the sidewall after having them for only a month.

  2. It should be pointed out that Charlie has ridden the vast majority of tubeless, or tubeless compatible tires made over the past decade from all major manufacturers, ranging in size from about 1.9 to 2.4. Literally thousands of half used tires fill his entire 4 car garage. People have died in that tire pile, just got all tangled up and starved to death.