Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maverick BikeTribute

Most of you know that I've been a Maverick American fan since the beginning, so it's about time that I post a little tribute to them considering their demise as a brand (temporarily I hope).

I bought-in to the concept early and ordered a sliver ML-7 back in 2001. The early ML-7's came with a CNC machined strut-body with fox internals, and a custom tuned Rock Shox Psylo fork. It destroyed anything I had ridden to that point. The traction it could deliver uphill changed my riding style and which trails I was willing to tackle. It's downhill ability was awesome too, and was well above my piloting skills at the time. Over the next ten years I owned almost every version of Maverick made (I missed the Resposado and the Matic) and have loved them all. They became the bar that I judged other bikes against. They still are actually. Eleven years of product development have gone by and the same basic design still kicks ass. I still haven't ridden a bike that does everything as well as a Maverick (although there are quite a few that are close or maybe equal these days). I know there are a few areas where it falls behind, like the front shifting and out-of-the-saddle climbing, but the the whole of the Maverick was truly greater than the sum of its parts. If you have any doubts, come ride with me on my trails and I'll loan you a Maverick for the day. You will come away converted, or at the very least appreciative of all their abilities on the trail. The design is so good I can't believe it will die. I am sure someone will resurrect it in the years to come, and if they have a deeper pocket for research and development, a new golden age for the design will emerge.

I want to send a extra special thanks to Ethan from Maverick for everything you have done over the years. I hear Ethan will be continuing to service Maverick bikes on his own. If you need his services you can email him at or call him at 303-918-5414. He has set up shop at 999 Vallejo St., Unit 2, Denver, CO. 80204.

My original ML-7 with current upgrades. Still a fine trail bike by anybody's measure.

 Lets Gets, France

 Elliot Barker & South Boundry trails, Taos, NM

 Breckenridge, CO.
If I had the money, I would contact Paul Turner and buy the Maverick brand today. Alas, I don't have the funds. I'll continue to ride them and hope for the day they rise from the ashes. Cheers!

Charlie S.

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