Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm quite ready for winter to be over. I'm tired of getting ready in the parking lot while shivering. Whine whine whine... I drove through Santa Fe yesterday on my way back from Taos and it doesn't look like their trails are too ride-able right now. If you are stuck up north, come down to Albuquerque and get some damn good riding in. I am starting to really like dropper posts and will review the new Giant as soon as I have some real time on it. I will also be posting a new list of other (not in the Southwest) endurance races from around the world that I think are cool. Any suggestions? In the longer term, I will be posting a list of tour operators and guides from all over the world that I have collected over the years.

To usher in the warm weather, I'm posting these two photos of warm days in Durango, CO. Many of my readers have been on the trail in the first photo.

Charlie S.

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