Monday, January 2, 2012

Mountain Biking photos

I just changed the background of the blog to one of my photos, but it didn't really come out right. I'll have to keep working on that. I still haven't told anybody I know about this blog yet. Trying to hammer out all the big issues before spreading the word. Someday i may have as many as 8 followers if I add friends and family together. Lofty ambitions for sure.

So I think for awhile I'll just post random things with some photos of rides. I want to encourage anyone who reads this blog and wants to Mountain Bike in New Mexico, to contact me for trail tips and whatnot.  The photo below is of a trail in Sedona. The trail follows the narrow ribbon of vegetation around this butte. If you look closely, you can see my friend riding it.

The next photo shows you what it looks like while on the trail. I highly recommend Sedona for mountian biking.
The contrast is shocking and adds to how cool the riding is. The only annoying part is dodging all the vortex huggers- although I saw a few that were cute.


  1. All I know is the main photo on your page is hot hot hot....

  2. First off, I think its about time someone really focused on the needs of LGBT mountain biking community and this blog fits the bill. Secondly, I like how the blog is about New Mexico riding so you post up Sedona pics. Super Sneaky Sis...

  3. rrguezz is a weenie! And it says Southwest not New Mexico. When we meet next sir, honor compels me to slap your face with a glove to initiate a dual.