Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Classic Mini Review and January Mountain Biking in the Albuquerque Foothills

The mountain biking side of my brain is very happy for our recent weather trend but the skiing side of my brain is hoping for a storm. Maybe it could just snow in the mountains and leave the trails alone.

MINI REVIEW: I'm very happy with my American Classic All-Mountain 26 Tubeless wheelset. I love the way they ride and handle- they are very wide, stiff, and stable. They weigh less than 1600 grams (XTR wheels a few years ago weighed that much) and seem very tough. I have found a problem in the supplied AC tubeless valve though- it's very weak.

One of them was at least. Unlike most valves, they are made from aluminum and I'm not sure they are going to hold up to all the different pump-heads and inflating duties they will undoubtedly see. I don't have enough miles to know yet but even if they suck, I'm pretty sure I can get a different valve to work in there. I'll let you know.

On to the riding: The South Foothills surrounding Albuquerque, and the Placitas trails are all riding great right now. I imagine the North Foothills are just about ready but I haven't confirmed that. I've heard there was a little blog-spat over people riding there (while the trails were still wet) on the local pages. Conflict can be so fun when you are safe behind your computer screen.

Here is a great pose in the South Foothills overlooking the drop to the freeway.

Below is a whole series from the Placitas trails.

 For those of you who are not from Albuquerque- notice the awesomeness of our trails. If you live here- don't forget it.

Charlie S.


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