Sunday, January 8, 2012

Conti X-King mini review and stuff

I love me some new bike tires. I always get excited when I go on my first ride with some new rubber (don't be crass). I've just gotten a couple rides in on the 2.2 Conti X-King and I'm very impressed with the way it rides.  Please excuse the file footage but my bike is at the shop going through some fork reconditioning experiments and I forgot to get a close-up of the tread pattern.


It's fast and light and has a high level of traction- much higher than you would think from the photo. I did not buy the UST versions but I am running them tubeless. On the negative side, they seem a bit flimsy- not a thick enough side-wall, and I did burp one at 31psi (I weigh about 200 lbs) so I'm now running them around 34psi. Time will tell. The cornering nobs are fine for me but you bad-asses out there might find them lacking to some degree.

Also, the latest issue of Rocky Mountain Flyer is out. You can find it at Bikeworks ABQ or Barnes & Noble. If your bike store of choice doesn't carry the magazine then you need to look for a different bike shop. As usual, it has some excellent photos and articles and a very fun piece where a clever chap tried a somewhat scientific attempt to quantify the difference between 29ers and 26ers.

I'll leave you with a  couple nice photos of warmer days on Deer Creek trail in Crested Butte.

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