Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sedona Mountain Biking Fun

We had so much fun in Sedona that I was too tired to post until just now. We did about five different rides and had time for more but about half of us (myself included) were too pooped to pedal anymore, so we returned to the condo, and the liquor, and the pool, and the hot tub... Talk about a sausage fest.

Here are some picks (of the riding, not the sausage fest)-

                                                        Kip gets rad the first afternoon

                                  Dan and Rich finally realize which way the rest of us went

                                                    One of us on the way out of Hangover

                                                Route finding on High on the Hog

Sedona is really good riding!  I think it's probably a better overall destination than Moab- especially if you consider that Flagstaff is only 45 minutes away and has numerous trails as well. Some of the good trails are on maps nowadays, but not all of them, so definitely stop into some shops or hook up with someone who knows the scoop. It is pricey in Sedona though, but deals can be had if you pick the right weekend or have enough advance notice.
Charlie S.

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