Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enduro Race - The Whole Enchilada

I had heard about this race and then David tipped me off about the website. This group is doing a Enduro style race of the Whole Enchilada ride in Moab. It is a really cool format too because it is going to be in Time Trial style with racers going every 30 seconds or so. They are mostly downhill so I won't be adding it to my endurance race lists, but they are undoubtedly more fun and less suffering than those anyway.

The Whole Enchilada ride is about 27 miles of almost-all-downhill mountain bike sweetness that starts at about 10,300 ft, climbs to 11,200 ft and then pretty much plunges all the way down to the Colorado River- about 7000 ft of descending.

Also cool is the other two Enduro style events that they are promoting. I've done the trail they are using on the Kennebec Pass and that is one of the finest single routes in Colorado. I haven't done the Steamboat bit, but I'm sure its awesome too. 

From the Promoter:

World class enduro racing in the mountain biking mecca of Moab

SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2012 • MOAB, UTAH

We will have two waves for registration for The Whole Enchilada one at 7 a.m. and one at 8 p.m. so the early birds and the not so early birds have equal opportunity to register. Once the morning session fills up, registration will say it's full and it will reopen again at 8 p.m.
Check out our other two Big Mountain Enduro events, BME #1, Buff Pass Enduro July 20-22 and BME #2, Kennebec Pass Enduro August 31 - September 2.
Registration for these events will also open Monday, April 16 at 7 a.m.
No other enduro race has attempted to race down the most acclaimed trail in Moab, a top five in the U.S. and perhaps one of the most distinguishable trails in the world. At 30 miles and 7,000 feet of descending, The Whole Enchilada Enduro turns an epic all-day ride into a test of fitness and technical skills as riders race from the top of the La Sal Mountains down through four different climate zones to Porcupine Rim, where they finish just above the Colorado River.
On top of the unique race course, The Whole Enchilada Enduro smothers the race experience with a shuttle to the top, exclusive event schwag, post race meal, and awards where tales of the race will unfold among good food, great friends, and the soothing sounds of the Colorado river at the Grandstand camp ground.
Racers will start in their respective start waves at Geyser pass. The first section of the race from Geyser pass (road) to Burro Pass will not be timed, However the order that you arrive at Burro pass will be the order in which you will start in a time trial format from Burro Pass. We will most likely be running a 30 second intervals, but their is the possibility that we may make it a 1 minute interval. As soon as the first rider arrives at burro pass we will immediately start sending riders off. Making the whole enchilada a time trial start format. This start format will allow riders who are there to win it to charge hard to Burro pass and get in line so fewer riders are in front of them and also not have a time associated with the climb. While allowing the recreational racer an experience of great fun and lesser competition.
What sets this race apart from any other are the terrain variations from Burro Pass, Hazard County, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim that will challenge the most talented riders with steep climbing sections and miles and miles of descending through wooded forests, aspen groves and open meadows, jump lines through gambel oak, smooth and flowy singletrack, and into high desert technical riding and ledgy drops.
The Whole Enchilada Enduro is a test of a different kind of fitness. It will test stamina and strength of long travel descending. The local guide books say to allow 4 to 6 hours to complete this ride, at a recreational pace. Based on some local information we are thinking the winning pro time will be about an hour and thirty minutes. This race will test your bike handling skills as well as your overall fitness – it is about the best all-around trail rider that can tackle any type of terrain, the fastest!
As the horizons of racing continue to broaden, this enduro style of racing speaks to all riders- spandex, baggies and full-faced. It captures the attention of the media with images of destination riding, spectacular scenery and the excitement and glory that goes hand-in-hand with racing. One of the first of its kind in the U.S., The Whole Enchilada Enduro will be the first of an unprecedented epic enduro racing category brought to you by Bigfoot Productions.
 Charlie S.

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