Sunday, April 22, 2012

Broken Leg

I broke my leg! the lower part of my Fibula has a spiral fracture down near the ankle. I took a corner on the bike path too quickly and washed out on the very edge of Comanche road. It took a lot of determination to get my bike out of the road while in that much pain (my body was mostly out of the road already somehow). My ankle was the thing that broke my fall. It happened so quick I didn't have time to get a hand off the bars. I was going too fast (due to some liquid courage) and those cross tires don't rail the asphalt like I thought they would. So I will be posting more soon but my leg still hurts enough that I don't move around much now.

That is a beautiful Canckle!

Charlie S.


  1. Bummer! If you your going to post a picture of that foot you really should get a pedicure.

  2. Dude ! Heal up, and while you have the down time map out another crazy ride for us to try this fall.

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  4. Dude, that sucks!

    Feel better.

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