Sunday, April 29, 2012

KS Dropper Posts

If you follow my posts you know that I have decided that I really like dropper posts. After trying the Rockshox post, I ordered two KS (Kind Shock) dropper posts to give them a try. One zero offset and one with a lot of offset and they are both good-looking designs. They seem very well made with quality materials and no noticeable weaknesses. I like them both the same but they were for different bikes so they are slightly different. The Dropzone has only 75mm of travel and has a 15mm offset head (the post in the photos), the Super Natural has a zero offset head and 100mm of drop. I believe that for trail riding, I only need about 60mm or so of drop because I still like to be able to grip the saddle between my legs, but no one is making this dropper post yet.

The KS posts leave no left-to-right slop from the saddle, which is nice, but I have to admit that, when I'm riding, I don't notice the play on dropper posts that do wiggle.

The install was easy as I didn't have to trim the line, but it would have been easy even if I did. The cable has a simple lock-ring with an small Allen bolt to hold it in place. Trimming is as easy as: adjust the cable length as necessary, bolt the lock-ring back on, and just pop it back in the tab that holds it in place and it's ready.

Its action both up and down was smooth and controlled. I have nothing to complain about here.

The best thing about the KS is how slim the thumb lever is. With handlebars getting more cluttered these days, it's nice when things don't take up any more space than they have to. I have small hands (my feet are pretty big- in case you were wondering) too, so it is important that I can reach the controls for everything on my bars, and the small width of the thumb lever helps with that.

I'm still not very proficient with the use of any of my dropper posts. My muscle memory isn't quite there yet, and my thumb fails to find the lever on the first try quite often, but I assume this will get better. Especially on the ones I ride the most often. For those of you with only one bike, or plan to only have one dropper on one of your bikes, this should be a moot point.

I still think dropper posts have a long way to go before they are really just a standard item we have on our bikes, but they are only going to get better.

I bought a Crank Bros. Kronolog dropper post just before I broke my leg. It will be awhile before I can tell you about it. KS has quite a few models and sizes of dropper posts so be sure to research them before you order.

Charlie S.

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