Saturday, July 7, 2012

Santa Fe Mountain Bike Loop

I managed to haul my tired old body up to Santa Fe for a ride on Thursday. I haven't been getting outside of ABQ much this summer, and it was about time. The rains have finally decided to grace us with their cooling love and the trails were in perfect condition.

The first climb up Big Tesuque to Aspen Vista- notice the superhero traction
My loop was short but had a fair amount of climbing. I started at Big Tesuque campground (Elev. 9,600) on Hyde Park Road and road up to Aspen Vista. I took Aspen Vista to the top (Elev. 12,000) and then connected to Raven's Ridge and rode it all the way to Winsor trail. Then down Winsor for a few miles to where the Big Tesuque trail intersects (Elev. 9140), then up a mile and a half to where I parked. It rained a bunch but never hard enough to be a bother. The lightning however, was scary enough that I took cover a few times. I highly recommend this loop if you want great views, a hard ride, some elevation training, an escape from the heat, and some occasional hiking (on Raven's).

The top of Aspen Vista. The trail on the right takes you to Raven's Ridge
The view of Lake Peak from the traverse to Raven's
Nambe Lake with the Rio En Medio fire scar in the distance
Santa Fe Baldy
Don't Fall to the right
On the way back up Big T.
It is a pretty hard 13 miles but totally worth it.

Charlie S.

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