Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Post

I'm still playing around with all the ways to customize my blog and I kind of suck at it, so getting this blog looking good will take a bit of time.

The recent snowstorms in Albuquerque have left the trails pretty messed up. I hear that the South foothills is getting close to ready. They are all OK if you hit them before they thaw, although the N. Foothills still looks pretty bad regardless. The road bike is looking about as good as it gets right now.

As usual, we've been doing some night rides this winter. I have been very impressed with the Exposure lights I am using right now. I can't put into words how awesome having the light and battery in one unit is. I didn't really expect it to be that big a deal, but it is. I guess part of it is when it is cold and dark, and all your buddies are still messing with their set-up, you are done and riding circles around them (or waiting in a toasty car if its really cold). I'm ordering a few more mounts to just fit-and-forget on my other bikes, and that will take the little bit of set-up they do have completely out of the equation. The mounts weigh next to nothing so it "aint no thing"! They are also plenty bright. If you are looking for a new light, I highly recommend them.