Friday, March 16, 2012

Blunt SL Rims from Velocity

I had always considered Velocity to be one of those bike parts companies that made good, affordable stuff, but stuff that wasn't very light. Dan and Dan over at Bikeworks put me straight by showing me the Blunt SL wheelset a few days ago, and it is light!

The Blunt SL rim weighs in at about 385 grams in the 26" version and 420g in the 29" size. That is only 40 grams heavier (respectively) than Stan's Crest rims. That is not bad at all. Velocity says The Blunt SL is also ready for tubeless use but unfortunately doesn't elaborate on that.

They sell the Blunt SL as a wheelset with their own hubs which are damn light too. The wheelset built with their own Lightweight hubs comes in at 1475g which is pretty damn good, but the price does creep up to a MSRP of $799.00 on the Pro Build ($550.00 on the Comp build which has heavier hubs and spokes). I'll bet that you can easily find them for less though, and your local shop might even be able to buy the parts and build you a set for less. They are also available as 650B and 29er wheels, which is cool. We will have to see on longevity.

For reference:                                                      A totally unrelated photo to make the page look pretty:

Velocity Blunt SL rim 26inch - 385g
Velocity Blunt SL rim 29inch - 420g
Stan's Crest rim 26inch           - 340g
Stan's Crest rim 29inch           - 380g
Enve 26 XC rim                      - 350g
Industry Nine 26 XC               - 420g

Velocity Lt F  - 142g
Velocity Lt R  - 275g
DT 240 Front  - 145g
DT 240 Rear   - 245g
DT 190 Front  - 107g
DT 190 Rear   - 207g
Chris King F   - 136g
Chris King R   - 302g
Tune King F    - 115g
Tune Kong R   - 205g

Charlie S.


  1. So where is the totally unrelated photo from?

    Continuing with the theme of unrelatedness here is a link to a topo picture of the trail addition at Tunnel Canyon:

    I was incorrect about where it diverts from the current trail.

    1. The Photo is another Moab ride. This was one of the coolest sections, but most of it wasn't that fun compared to many other Moab rides. The views were great though.